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01.  Find Your Own Way
02.  Cats In The Aviary
03.  Love Can
04.  Bathe My Heart
05.  Supplication
06.  One Robe One Bowl
07.  Susan Revolving
08.  God’s Empty Chair
09.  Laudanum
10.  Cats In The Aviary (acoustic version)

Produced by Vince Sanchez & Becki diGregorio. All songs written by Becki diGregorio,
© 2002 Ziglain Music (ASCAP) except “Susan Revolving” written by Andy Partridge, © 2001 Notting Hill Publishing.



- 6- & 12-string acoustic guitars, vocals. John Wedemeyer - electric guitar. Endre Tarczy - bass guitar, piano & keyboards, vocals. Randy Hayes – drums. Dave Gregory - acoustic & electric guitars, mellotron. Lyle Workman – electric guitars, psychedelic sitar, keyboards. Michael Masley – cymbalom. Uncle Mafufu – dumbeck, riq, finger cymbals. String arrangement for “Bathe My Heart” written by Endre & Becki. String & brass arrangement for “Find Your Own Way” written by Lyle. “God’s Empty Chair” composed by Vince & Becki, “Susan Revolving” arranged by Becki, John, Endre and Randy.



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(articoli di Lino Terlati che si ringrazia per la collaborazione)


"It is an honor for me not only to have Dave Gregory and Andy Partridge's contributions to my music, but also to be included as part of this amazing XTC website. Special thanks to Paolo Di Modica and Lino Terlati for their help in getting my music better known there in Italy. And to my fellow Italian XTC fans: I invite you to listen to my songs, and hope you like what you hear."

--Becki diGregorio



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