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Mike Keneally "Wing Beat Fantastic:
Songs written by Mike Keneally & Andy Partridge"

01. The Ineffable Oomph of Everything, Part One *
02. I'm Raining Here, Inside
03. Wing Beat Fantastic
04. The Ineffable Oomph of Everything, Part Two *
05. You Kill Me
06. Friend of a Friend *
07. That's Why I Have No Name *
08. Your House
09. Miracle Woman and Man
10. Inglow
11. Bobeau
12. Land *

2012. Produced by Mike Keneally. Mixed by Mike Harris. Mastered by John Golden. Executive Producer: Scott Chatfield

All (Keneally/Partridge) songs are 2012 Spen Music BMI and Andy Partridge Copyright Control

* The other songs 2012 Spen Music BMI.



Barry Andrews, Martyn Barker and Andy Partridge

      Disc one
01. I Lovely Cosmonaut
02. Winterwerk
03. Black Swan Black
04. Mig
05. Oodoo
06. Ur Tannoy
07. Little Field

      Disc two
01. Pagoda Tailfin
02. Chain Gang
03. Torturetainment
04. The Floating World
05. Priapple

2007 Ape House Ltd. - APE CD 017



Peter Blegvad - Andy Partridge
Orpheus, The Lowdown

01. Savannah
02. Brown-Out On Olympus
03. The Blimp Poet
04. Night Of The Comet
05. Necessary Shadows [George Steiner]
06. Galveston
07. Beetle
08. Heartcall
09. Noun Verbs
10. Eurydice [after Rilke]
11. Divine Blood
12. Steel Bed

2003 Ape House Ltd.


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The Wish List

01. Dukes of Stratosphear - Open A Can (Of Human Beans)
Phil Thornalley - She's Alright
The Shadow Kabinet - The World Goes Round
Justin Hayward - It's Not Too Late
Stephen Duffy and the Lilac Time - Suburban Symphony
The Shadow Kabinet - It's Alright 
Martin Newell - The Sun Over The Yard-Arm
Steve Hogarth and The H-Band - The Evening Shadows
Peter Blegvad - Let's Travel Light
Harold Budd - Pandora's Signature 2003 Ape House Ltd.

October 2003 saw the release of 'The Wish List', a ten track album to raise funds for the UK MS Society.

A collection of songs to celebrate 50years of The MS Society.

'The Wish List' features Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues), Stephen Duffy and Lilac Time, XTC's psychedelic alter egos The Dukes Of Stratosphear, Steve Hogarth (lead singer with Marillion), Phil Thornalley (producer of Natalie Imbruglia, Bryan Adams and Mel C), New York singer/songwriter and artist Peter Blegvad, LA composer Harold Budd, poet and songwriter Martin Newell, and The Shadow Kabinet.

"This album is so good that even if I wasn't on it, I'd have to buy it".
  Andy Partridge.



A Testimonial Dinner
The Songs of XTC

1. Freedy Johnston: Earn Enough for Us; 2. Spacehog: Senses Working Overtime; 3. Crash Test Dummies: All You Pretty Girls; 4. The Verve Pipe: Wake Up; 5. The Rembrandts: Making Plans for Nigel; 6. Sarah McLachlan: Dear God; 7. Ruben Blades: The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul; 8. P. Hux: Another Satellite; 9. They Might Be Giants: 25 O'Clock; 10. Terry & the Lovemen: The Good Things; 11. Joe Jackson: Statue of Liberty.

1995. XTC-tribute of various artists. Under the pseudonym "Terry & the Lovemen" hide the XTC and Good Things was until to then appeared like B side of the single Mayor of Simpleton.



Andy Partridge - Harold Budd:
Through the Hill

1. Prelude: Hand 19 (1'20); Geography: 2. Through the hill (4'05); 3. Great valley of gongs (3'05); 4. Western island of apples (3'00); 5. Anima mundi (4'41); Interlude: 6. Hand 20 (2'58); Structures: 7. The place of odd glances (3'14); 8. Well for the sweat of the moon (3'21); 9. Tenochtitlan's numberless bridges (3'51); 10. Ceramic avenue (5'14); Interlude: 11. Hand 21 (1'48); Artifacts: 12. Missing pieces to the game of salt and onyx (5'59); 13. Mantle of peacock bones (2'04); 14. Bronze coins showing genitals (4'15); 15. Bearded aphrodite (2'34); Postlude: 16. Hand 22 (2'23).




Martin Newell:
The Greatest Living Englishman

1. Goodbye Dreaming Fields; 2. Before the Hurricane; 3. We'll Build a House; 4. The Greatest Living Englishman; 5. She Rings the Changes; 6. Home Counties Boy; 7. A Street Called Prospect; 8. Christmas in Suburbia; 9. Straight to You Boy; 10. The Jangling Man; 11. The Green-Gold Girl of the Summer; 12. An Englishman's Home.

1993. Featuring the New, Improved Andy Partridge.