Apples & Oranges/Humanoid Boogie

New cover songs by
Andy Partridge 
10” EP Limited edition of 1,396 copies with
a signed postcard (cd/vinyl). ℗ 2018


XTC This is POP

This eye-opening documentary takes an alternative
look at English rock b
and XTC.
Through a mixture of animation, archive and specially-shot
sequences, the film explores the minds of principle
songwriters, Partridge and Moulding.
℗ 2017/18


TC&I - Great Aspirations EP

The debut EP by TC&I sees
Colin Moulding
Terry Chambers put their XTC past
behind them in order to create some truly
original music (well…maybe and nod and
a wink here and there….). ℗ 2017



O F F I C I A L     D I S C O G R A P H Y







  APE House Records
Chalkhills the XTC resource
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  The Dukes of Stratosphear

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2019 XTCalendar

XTC - Ten Feet Tall

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