Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)





Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)




The History of the Middle Ages
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Wasp Star - Advert

01. Playground (4'16)
02. Stupidly Happy (4'14)
03. In Another Life (3'35)
04. My Brown Guitar (3'51)
05. Boarded Up (3'22)
06. I'm the Man Who Murdered Love (3'44)
07. We're All Light (4'39)
08. Standing In For Joe (3'42)
09. Wounded Horse (4'11)
10. You and the Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful (4'18)
11. Church of Women (5'06)
12. The Wheel and The Maypole (5'57)


Andy Partridge: vocals and guitar
Colin Moulding: vocals and bass

   extra musicians:
Chuck Sabo: drums on tracks 1,6,7,8,9,10,11.
Praire Prince: drums on tracks 2,3,4,12.
Matt Vaughn: programming.
Nick Davis: the more complicated keyboard parts.
Kate St. John: oboe.
Simon Gardner: flugelhorn.
Gavin Wright: 1st violin.
Patrick Kiernan: 2nd violin.
Peter Lale: viola.
Caroline Dale: cello.
Holly Partridge: backing vocals on Playground



2000. Produced and mixed by Nick Davis. 
Recorded at Idea Studios, Wiltshire and Chipping Norton Studios, Oxfordshire, 1998/99. 
Mixed at Rockfield Studios, Monmouthshire. 
Recording engineers: Nick Davis, Alan Douglas, Barry Hammond and Haydn Bendall.
Mix Engineer: Simon Dawson. 
Mastering by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine

Sleeve art by Andrew Swainson at Cactus.
Portrait photography by Steve Gullick.
Photography by Peter Ashworth for Playground pictures.

All tracks written by Andy Partridge except 3, 5, 8 by Colin Moulding.


Wasp Star - Apple Venus Volume II was XTC's more muscular and guitar orientated flipside to the orchestral AV Volume 1.

Dating from 2000, the album is the band's last studio release to date.


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