Oranges & Lemons





Oranges & Lemons




Songs of Sixpence
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2015: Blue-Ray and DVDA









01. Garden of Earthly Delights (5'02)
02. The Mayor of Simpleton (3'58)
03. King for a Day (3'38)
04. Here Comes President Kill Again (3'35)
05. The Loving (4'12)
06. Poor Skeleton Steps Out (3'28)
07. One of the Millions (4'42)
08. Scarecrow People (4'13)
09. Merely a Man (3'27)
10. Cynical Days (3'17)
11. Across This Antheap (4'52)
12. Hold Me My Daddy (3'48)
13. Pink Thing (3'48)
14. Miniature Sun (3'57)
15. Chalkhills and Children (4'53)


Andy Partridge: vocal and guitar
Colin Moulding: vocal and bass
Dave Gregory: guitar

Pat Mastelotto: drums and percussion
Mark Isham: trumpet
Paul Fox: keyboards
Parthenon Huxley: tambourine on "Cynical Days"
Franne Golde: chorus on "Poor Skeleton"
Jean McLean:
chorus on "Poor Skeleton" and "One of the Millions"

1989. Produced by Paul Fox and XTC. Engineered by Ed Thacker. Assisted by Joe Fiorello, Tim Weidner and Clark Germain. Mastered by Steven Marcussen at Precision. Photography by Sheila Rock. Sleeve by Andy Partridge, Dave Dragon and Ken Ansell.

All tracks written by Andy Partridge except 3, 7, 10 by Colin Moulding.



Oranges and Lemons si snoda attraverso atmosfere giocose e brillanti mettendo a frutto l'esperienza "Stratosferica". Chiara l'ispirazione ai Beatles e non solo per quanto riguarda la copertina. Buone le vendite negli USA che puņ considerarsi il paese con maggiori estimatori della band.

Partridge: "Oranges e Lemons č forte, anche aggressivo. E luminoso. Gli XTC han sempre brillato come una lampadina da 40 watt ma qui di watt ce ne sono mille. Luce, colori chiari e fluorescenti".



Oranges, lemons and .... love! 14 June, 2001

First of all, let me confess that I won't be very impartial in my review of "Oranges and Lemons". I remember listening to it in 1990, while I was on a plane that was taking me to London for the first time in my life. This record will always remind me of a Summer of love, freedom and discovery. 
Although some songs by XTC were familiar to me since the early 80's (e.g. "Making Plans for Nigel", "Generals and Majors), I didn't start buying their records until 1989 and I have been a devoted fan ever since. 

Back to "Oranges and Lemons", all the songs are simply beautiful. From "The Mayor of Simpleton" and "The Loving" (with their cheerful 60's refrains) to the melancholic "Chalkhills and Children" and "Hold me my Daddy", there's not one song that lets you down. "King for a Day" is another little gem. Not to mention the delightful "Pink Thing" (the funniest song ever dedicated from a man to his you-know-what). 

All in all, I think this is one of the best XTC's records. Every time I listen to it, it makes me tingle with anticipation and brings me back the memories of an unforgettable Summer. I'm sure you will enjoy it just as much.

Reviewer: vispateresa@tiscalinet.it from Milan, Italy 
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