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   December 2015


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   November 2015





1. Garden of Earthly Delights
2. The Mayor of Simpleton
3. King for a Day
4. Here Comes President Kill Again
5. The Loving
6. Poor Skeleton Steps Out
7. One of the Millions
8. Scarecrow People
9. Merely a Man
10. Cynical Days
11. Across This Antheap
12. Hold Me My Daddy
13. Pink Thing
14. Miniature Sun
15. Chalkhills and Children

Blu-Ray (Region 0, NTSC):

Presented in LPCM Audio
- Album mixed in 5.1 Surround
- New Stereo Album mix
- Original Stereo Album mix
+ Blu-Ray extra material including:
new stereo album instrumental mixes,
multiple demo sessions, rehearsals, mixes & promo films for the singles.





   August 2015




Pre order now. The 16th of October will see the release of ORANGES AND LEMONS, the third in a series of remixed and expanded XTC classics. The album has been mixed from the original studio recording by Steven Wilson, with input from Andy. The CD has a completely new stereo mix and there are many extras on the Blu-ray.

Surround mix, new stereo mix, instrumental mix, flat transfer of original album, two sets of demo and work tapes with associated recordings, pre recording rehearsals,promo and ID work and extended mixes.

Add to that the associated video films and a booklet fat with notes from Andy, Colin and Dave. Phew!! It's a box set on a single disc! Don't delay.


Oranges And Lemons is the third in a series of expanded XTC album reissues, including 5.1 Surround mixes, new stereo mixes and High-Resolution stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, along with a wealth of extra audio and visual material.

Pre-order for 16th October release. All pre-order copies sold through Burning Shed come with an exclusive postcard signed by Colin Moulding.


more info






   December 2014


XTCalendar 2015


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2015 Nonsuch Calendar


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   October 2014

- Press -

XTC - L'Estate pagana di Andy Partridge

di Alessandro Besselva Averame
RUMORE/Retropolis - Luglio-Agosto 2014

Grazie a Alberto Repetti


   October 2014



Andy Partridge wins Q Songwriter Award

Xperia Access Q Awards 2014 – XTC’s Andy Partridge


The Xperia Access Q Awards took place in London yesterday (22 October) and you can watch our exclusive backstage interviews with the winners now.

We spoke to Andy Partridge about winning Q Classic Songwriter, plus discussed songwriting with him and guest presenter Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson.

Watch the full interview now.


October 23, 2014





   September 2014



XTC - Drums And Wires
(cd/blu-ray and cd/dvd-a)

The revolutionary Drums And Wires, from 1979, is the second in a series of expanded XTC album reissues, including 5.1 Surround mixes, new stereo mixes and High-Resolution stereo mixes of the original material, along with a wealth of extra audio and visual material.

All pre-order copies come with exclusive postcards signed by Andy Partridge.

Pre-order for 27th October release.


Steven Wilson produced the mixes with the input of founder band member Andy Partridge and the full approval of the band.

This cd/blu-ray edition is presented in special packaging with an expanded booklet and sleeve-notes by Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding and Dave Gregory.

Help with adjusting your player settings (if necessary) can be found here: http://www.opusproductions.com/disc/setup.html


* CD features a stereo mix by Steven Wilson plus 6 additional singles and non-album tracks .

* Blu-ray (Region 0, NTSC) features:

Presented in 24bit/96khz LPCM Audio:

- Album mixed in 5.1 Surround.
- Steven Wilson stereo mix and original album mix in High Resolution stereo.

Blu-Ray exclusive material includes:

Numerous additional stereo* and 5.1 tracks, new stereo album instrumental mixes, 5 demo sessions and promo films for the singles Making Plans for Nigel and Life Begins At The Hop.

* including the two tracks from the single that accompanied early copies of the vinyl album, two extended mixes of songs and the DJM mixes (songs earmarked as potential single releases).


Complex knotty rhythms and memorable melodic hooks collide with thought-provoking lyrics on the album that established XTC as one of the most inventive bands of the New Wave era.

For those already familiar with Drums And Wires, this reissue provides a comprehensively expanded edition of a much loved classic. For anyone fortunate enough to be new to the spiky delights of Drums And Wires, yes, Pop music really was this good at one point in time.


Pre-order for 27th October release.

preorder (€20.05 EUR)



1) Making Plans For Nigel
2) Helicopter
3) Day In Day Out
4) When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty
5) Ten Feet Tall
6) Roads Girdle the Globe
7) Real By Reel
8) Millions
9) That Is The Way
10) Outside World
11) Scissor Man
12) Complicated Game

+ bonus tracks (full details to be confirmed as soon as possible)

Blu-Ray (Region 0, NTSC):

Presented in 24bit/96khz LPCM Audio

Album mixed in 5.1 Surround
- Steven Wilson stereo mix and original album mix in High Resolution stereo.

Blu-Ray exclusive material includes:

Numerous additional stereo and 5.1 tracks, new stereo album instrumental mixes, 5 demo sessions and promo films for the singles Making Plans for Nigel and Life Begins At The Hop.


available also in cd/dvd-a

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   September 2014

- Press -

XTC. La saga di "Skylarking
Andy Partridge vince al 28° round

di Riccardo Bertoncelli
Blow Up - Maggio 2014

Grazie a Alberto Repetti


   April 2014

- Lyrics -

Completate le traduzioni in italiano di:

White Music
Go 2
Drums and Wires
Black Sea

Grazie a Carla Roncalli di Montorio


   April 2014



XTC Skylarking
corrected polarity edition - cd

Dear God attached, Andy Partridge's cover concept realised, and polarity corrected, this is Skylarking as XTC intended the world to see and hear it.

Produced by Todd Rundgren, the album was famously the most troublesome recording experience of XTC's career, yet the combination of the 'quintessentially English' band and the American 'studio wizard' resulted in one of the most successful and artistically accomplished albums of the mid-late 1980s

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   December 2013

XTCalendar 2014

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/colours version

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ready for print in A3, A4 and other format (min. 300 dpi)


Desktop wallpaper
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greyscale - resolution 1920x1080


images scraped from XTC Game NONSVCH


   November 2013





Nonsuch is the first in a series of expanded XTC album editions including 5.1 Surround mixes, new stereo mixes and High-Resolution stereo mixes of the original material along with a wealth of extra audio and visual material.

Steven Wilson has produced the new mixes with the input of founder band member Andy Partridge and the full approval of the band.

Presented in special packaging with an expanded booklet and sleeve-notes by Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding and Dave Gregory.

  • Blu-Ray (Region 0, NTSC):

    - Album mixed in 5.1 Surround
    - New Stereo Album mix
    - Original Stereo Album mix
    - Blu-Ray exclusive material including:
    New stereo album instrumental mixes, demos by Andy and Colin, footage of the band in the studio and promo films for the singles.

  • DVDA (Region 0, NTSC):

    Album in 5.1 surround sound, new & original album mixes in Hi-Res stereo




more info


   May 2013

Doing an XTC tribute show in Minneapolis Mn, USA.
Great musicians, great cause. Check out the listing www.icehouse.com and if you have any members here in the states let them know!

By Chris (U.S.A.)



   December 2012

XTCalendar 2013


   July 2012

Mike Keneally "Wing Beat Fantastic:
Songs written by Mike Keneally & Andy Partridge"

Go in Album's page



a cura di Eddy Cilia e Federico Guglielmi
Giunti Editore (collana Bizarre) - 2012

Recensioni di Drums And Wires, English Settlement e Skylarking

   July 11 2012

Mike Keneally "Wing Beat Fantastic:
Songs written by Mike Keneally & Andy Partridge"

THE Mike Keneally STORE

This magical new album from composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Mike Keneally is the highly anticipated result of a songwriting union between the famed rock experimentalist and legendary XTC tunesmith Andy Partridge


   March 19 2012

XTC Essential - the last collection


   Dec 2011

XTCalendar 2012


   July 2011

Gathering 2011 weekend on 8/10 July - Swindon England


   April 2011

The Power Popaholic Interview: Andy Partridge

I finally was able to get in touch with one of my favorite artists, XTC's Andy Partridge and get to him some questions that I have been itching to ask for a while now. We talk about his own label Ape House and was there another Dukes of The Stratosphere album in the works? Click on our artist interviews section to find out or view the Andy Partridge interview here.

The Power Popaholic Interview: Andy Partridge

from Egidio Sabbadini's Facebook page


Easterling and Gildersleeve

wrote and recorded a tune about XTC
- please visit -

(many thanks to Steve Easterling)



● XTCalendar 2011






   Dec 2010

● XTC wallpaper

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   December 2010


XTC Skylarking 2LP Deluxe

from APE News:

Both sumptuous versions of the remastered and sonically corrected Skylarking vinyls are available to pre order from the Ape Store now. There are 2 versions to choose from, both double albums cut at 45rpm and for the first time reunite the tracks lost in the shuffle between UK and USA versions, so both Dear God and Mermaid Smiled are in their proper places at last.

The STANDARD version comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve printed in GOLD with new lyric inner bags and is priced at GBP 26.99 inc VAT [GBP 22.97 ex VAT] The DELUXE Edition comes in a hardback book format with new sleeve notes written by Andy and Colin and unseen photos and sketches and this is a true collectors edition priced GBP 39.99 inc VAT [GBP 34.03 ex VAT]

So order your copies now.


● XTCalendar 2010






   November 2009

XTC as The Dukes Of Stratosphear

The Complete & Utter Dukes Box Set (LTD Edition)

Pre order your copy NOW

Complete your XTC as the Dukes of Stratosphear collection with this psumptuous limited edition boxed set.

This purple cloth covered box has space inside to hold the CD's 25 O'clock and Psonic Psunspot and also includes -
*500 piece Dukes Jigsaw
*7 inch single of Tin Toy Clockwork Train/The Affiliated
*Theres some Dukes $ Dollars for you to keep
*180g Remastered 12inch heavyweight vinyl pressing 25 O'clock in gatefold sleeve
*180g Remastered 12inch heavyweight vinyl pressing Psonic Psunspot in gatefold sleeve

(The vinyl LP's will be released in their own right on 26/01/2010)

Only available with this box set is a EXCLUSIVE Dukes T-shirt, all you need to do is tell us what size T shirt you want.

This boxed set is priced (£49.35 ex VAT) WITHOUT the CD's 25 O'clock and Psonic Psunspot. If you would like to add either one of the CD's to your box and buy the complete set, then please check the relevant box below.

Price:   £49.35  -   £56.75 Including  VAT at 15%



Hello all…..!!

First off we would like to wish all our wonderful fans and friends a very happy new year for 2009. Here’s to a memorable one.

Which leads us to our very special new year news which has been
promised for a while now (a 1000 apologies for the delay folks) but because good things come to those who wait we are eXsTatiCally proud to announce that Thomas, on behalf of Pugwash, has inked a 5 year deal with Andy Partridge’s APE label in England…..!!

here the news
(from Pugwash official site)


   Mar 2009


● Lyrics - Thanks for Christmas


   Feb 2009


● Lyrics - Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down
(thanks to Paola Di Giorgio)


   Jan 2009






   Dec 2008

a history of 10ft's home page



Well….the headline says it all really. The new video for the next single from Eleven Modern AntiquitiesAt the sea is now up on YouTube for you all to enjoy. The track is one of two co-writes on the album that Thomas and Andy Partridge (XTC) composed.

from Pugwash official site


Made in England - Il mondo pop degli XTC
di Sergio Varbella - Mucchio Extra


   Nov 2008

XTC Drums And Wires - Mucchio Extra - 100 album fondamentali


   Jan 2008

● XTCalendar 2008





   Sep 2007

The Gathering - sep 29 2007 (photo by Michele Tezza)


   May 2007

L'ultima follia di Andy Partridge

di Aurelio Pasini

Mucchio n. 634 - Maggio 2007


MONSTRANCE is Andy Partridges latest project with keyboard player Barry Andrews and drummer Martyn Barker. Watch the video filmed by Mitch Keen to the forthcoming download single 'Winterwerk' on Ape's NEW Blog/Podcast section of our website.


'Winterwerk' recorded live and improvised at Swindon's Headroom Studios is taken from the album MONSTRANCE due for release on Ape in April.


   Feb 2007

XTCalendar 2007 - wallpaper


XTC Theme - Oranges & Lemons | Drums and Wires
   for Nokia 6600, 6630 and N series (needed Nokia PC Suite)


   Jan 2007

Carissimi xtcfans,
Sul sito non l'ho visto, ma vi segnalo che nell'ultimo album (bellissimo) di Robyn Hitchcock, c'è un pezzo scritto da Robyn insieme al nostro caro Andy.
A me sembra un pezzo notevole.
Poi questa collaborazione è un mio vecchio sogno che si avvera.
Ciao a tutti


Apple Vinyls - A Special Collectors Edition Set of 7 inch singles


XTCalendar 2007 - wallpaper



   Dec 2006

Apple Vinyls

A Special Collectors Edition Set of 7 inch singles.
In addition, the XTC song 'Where Did The Ordinary People Go'. As a special bonus there is a 7 inch single version of the tracks 'Spiral' and 'Say It' in its own picture bag.


   Nov 2006

The Official Fuzzy Warbles Collector's Album

di VALERIA RUSCONI - Rolling Stone n. 38 - Dicembre 2006



XTC - L'affresco pop

di Alessandro Besselva Averame

Mucchio Extra n. 21 (X generazioni)

Primavera 2006


   Oct 2006

The Fuzzy Warbles Collector's Album

box set, includes
- Fuzzy Warbles from Volume 1 to Volume 8
- a bonus cd Hinges
- the booklet "Hit Record and Play or A Brief History of Home Sound Capture", by Andy Partridge.

Further volumes of Fuzzy Warbles are obtainable from www.ape.uk.net


● from Ape House website:

Complete the Fuzzy Warbles Series.

Having had the knob twiddling talents of Ian Cooper at Metropolis Mastering, weave his magic over the tracks, Volumes 7 and 8 are now complete. Andy has deliberately left some of the best tracks till last. The full tracklistings for each volume are below.

The artwork is now completed by Andrew at Cactus Design, the covers are done and we are set for release on 24/9/06.
Details on how to order your copies will be available shortly
These two volumes will complete the Fuzzy Warbles Series.

Well almost......!

Fuzzy Warbles Volume 7

01. 2 Rainbeau Melt
02. Thrill Pill
03. Sonic Boom
04. I’m Unbecome
05. Ballet For A Rainy Day
06. 1000 Umbrellas
07. Ejac In A Box (MGOO)
08. C Side
09. Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
10. Ladybird
11. Candymine
12. Visit To The Doctor
13. Cherry In Your Tree
14. Desert Island
15. Scarecrow People
16. Hold Me My Daddy
17. Books Are Burning
18. Bobba De Boop De Ba De Boobay
19. Open A Can Of Human Beans

Fuzzy Warbles Volume 8

01. Through Electric Gardens
02. Skate Dreams Wet Car
03. The Bland Leading The Bland
04. Silverstar
05. I Gave My Suitcase Away
06. Extrovert
07. Another Satellite
08. These Voices
09. Song For Wes Long
10. Happy Birthday Karen
11. REM Producer Enquiry
12. The Loving
13. Shalloween
14. Was A Yes
15. Genie In A Bottle
16. Disque Bleu
17. Poor Skeleton Steps Out
18. I Don’t Want To Be Here (original demo)
19. Chalkhills and Children



the Fuzzy Warbles Series - Volumes 7 and 8 are now complete

XTC - Where Did The Ordinary People Go
the new XTC song, written by Colin Moulding

Digital Download


Tutto quello che avreste voluto sapere (o possedere) sugli XTC in video


  May 2006

Return to the Dark Side of the Moon
A Tribute to Pink Floyd

Colin Moulding: lead vocals on Brain Damage and bass on Time.

Producer Billy Sherwood.
On the album: Adrian Belew, Tommy Shaw, Dweezil Zappa, Jeff Baxter, Robbie Krieger, Rick Wakeman, Steve Howe, Edgar Winter, Bill Bruford, John Wetton, Tony Levin, and more.


   Mar 2006

XTC - Scheda biografica tratta da "Enciclopedia del Rock"


   Feb 2006

Il Tempo delle Mele - Andy Partridge interview - (Press page)


  Jan 2006



XTCalendar 2006



   Dec 2005

Collectors Figure Series - No1 White Music


Discography/Compilations: Apple Box + Apple Bite

buy now

Apple Box unites the stunning Apple Venus Vol 1 and Wasp Star with its respective demo albums in a 4CD Set.

The Apple Set is LIMITED EDITION pack containing the Apple Box, a set of the 2 Apple Box T Shirts and a Badge plus a FREE extra item.

buy now

As part of the promotion for the Apple Box:
'Where Did The Ordinary People Go?'
new single written by Colin Moulding.

The other 2 new XTC songs 'Spiral' and 'Say It' are only available as digital downloads via the Apple Box content card, or as part of the bonus CD when you buy the special Apple Set.


The Meeting Place - 2005

A group of XTC fans are organising 'THE MEETING PLACE 2005' in Swindon, a gathering of XTC's fans from around the world to celebrate the music of XTC.
The date of the Meeting Place:
September 30th - October 2nd 2005


Mitch Friedman's Purple Burt (featuring Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory)


Shadow Kabinet website"

When greyness strikes run to the Kabinet of Dr. Shadow. He'll put the psychedelia back in your step!"
Andy Partridge XTC

HARK! by The Shadow Kabinet is now available in Italy at Vinyl Magic 3

>>> Acquista qui il CD.

Big thanks to Steve Somerset.


   Nov 2005

● Swindon: The Meeting Place 2005: 10ft's photos - COMPLETED


Intervista a Todd Rundgren - Strumenti Musicali


   Oct 2005

Garden of XTC(ly) Delights - News & Rarities from Egidio Sabbadini


Pictures: new wallpaper


● Swindon: The Meeting Place 2005: 10ft's photos


   Jul 2005

Apple Venus 1: ascolta lo spot radiofonico (grazie Gio)


   Jun 2005

Pictures: new wallpaper


   May 2005

download mp3:


Gli Mp3 sono liberamente scaricabili per uso personale, qualsiasi altro tipo di utilizzo degli stessi richiede una specifica richiesta al webmaster di questo sito.


Rainbow Drops & Finger Pops  Live at the Rainbow - 1979.
   Courtesy by The Red Curtain


   Apr 2005

Discography/Compilations: cover of The Greatest


   Mar 2005

Discography/Singles - I'd Like That - Promotional cd


Senses Working Overtime - Sheet Music


Cover of Demo Tracks


Homespun - Japanese version 2 CD


Archive - Eleven Different Animals - Word and Music to the singles.
- 52 pages of XTC Song-Book and sheet music.

Courtesy by Franco Turra


   Feb 2005

Discography/Singles - Making Plans for Nigel Gameboard


Fans photo - Ivan with Dave Gregory


   Jan 2005

Andy Partridge signs... a new label. (Press page)


Cover of The Tiny Circus of Life

Cover of Skylarking 24 Kt Gold Player

Cover and pics of Waspstrumental, Instruvenus, Rag & Bone Buffet - Rare Cuts & Leftovers, The Compact, Waxworks / Beeswax

LP Label of 5 Senses


Cover of Look Look - A Video Compilation


Cover of Johnny Japes and His Jesticle - Bags of Fun With Buster


Cover of Demos 4, 5 and 7

Apple Venus Volume 1 "Picture Books" from Japan CD (Pony Canyon)


XTCalendar 2005




   Dec 2004

Wasp Star "Picture-Book" from Japan CD (Pony Canyon)


Pictures: new wallpaper

Nella Press page:

Nota ai testi di Paolo Bertrando, dal volume "XTC"
Un'esplorazione fino al "Mare Nero"
A tu per tu con uno strangolatore - Hugh Cornwell intervista gli XTC
Dave Gregory, questo sconosciuto
"Sweet Home Swindon" - Frammenti di conversazione con Andy e Charlie Parker
Appunti per un'analisi della "Record-Cover"

Lyrics updated

Milano Nov. 27 2004 - photo of fans online


   Nov 2004

XTCalendar: December - wallpaper

nella pagina "Press", due nuovi articoli:

un'intervista - Knights in shining karma

un articolo - Da Swindon alla stratosfera: l'odissea pop degli XTC
   (tratto da Rockerilla che dedica la copertina agli XTC)

10FT graphic - updated!

Discography: new pictures and upgrades


Singles: I'm The Man Who Murdered Love


Discography: Fuzzy Warbles Vol. 5-6


   Oct 2004

Fans Art: new animation


   Jul 2004

English Settlement: XTC Font


   Jun 2004

Pictures: new wallpaper


   May 2004


Pete Murray intervista Colin Moulding - Bass Player Magazine

Darrin Fox intervista Andy Partridge - Guitar Player Magazine

Traduzione e adattamento di Roberto Galli

Vol. 5-6

The Demo Archives

Instruments and vocals on all tracks by Andy Partridge.

Mastered by Ian Cooper at Metropolis Mastering, London. Sleeve art by Andrew Swainson.

Blog consigliato: The Petunia's weblog

Qui è possibile leggere alcuni brani del libro

Carissimi, ho cercato nel sito, ma non l'ho trovato, un accenno al libro "Lo strano caso del cane ucciso a mezzanotte" di Mark Haddon (ed. einaudi).
Perchè? Il ragazzino autistico protagonista del (meraviglioso) libro è di Swindon ed il romanzo si svolge nella cittadina estatica (a parte una trasferta londinese, svolta, ovviamente, in treno).
Mi sembrerebbe il caso di segnalarlo.

Franco Zucchermaglio news

TV series - Theme from FOX's new drama "Wonderfalls", written by Andy Partridge.

Nessuna novità circa l'atteso DVD degli Xtc. Ne abbiamo parlato a Londra con chi si occupa del progetto. La Virgin ne ha momentaneamente bloccato l'uscita.

Apples and Lemons: an Interview with XTC
by Chris Tyrrell

Metacritic - XTC Wasp Star (Apple Venus, Pt. 2)

Candy Clock - XTC clock


XTCalendar 2004




Peter Blegvad - Andy Partridge
Orpheus, The Lowdown

2003 Ape House Ltd.

APE House - Steve Somerset chats with Peter Blegvad

Buon giorno!
Come sta?
I thought you guys might like to put something on your website about 'The Wish List' , the album I have produced for the MS Society featuring a brand new Dukes Of Stratosphear track - 'Open A Can (Of Human Beans)'. It's a wonderful track and the album also features many artists that Andy Partridge  has worked with - Stephen Duffy, Martin Newell, Harold Budd and my band The Shadow Kabinet. Dave Gregory also appears on three tracks - so it's a real treat for XTC fans. But don't hang around! This is a limited release so place those orders now! Link below as is the Press Release


I love your website - keep up the good work.
i migliori auguri
Steve Somerset


XTC's Andy Partridge says  "This album is so good that even if I wasn't on it, I'd have to buy it."

This October sees the release of 'The Wish List' a ten track album to raise funds for the MS Society, Featuring Justin Hayward,  of The Moody Blues, Stephen Duffy and Lilac Time, XTC's psychedelic alter egos The Dukes Of Stratosphear, Steve Hogarth lead singer with Marillion, Phil Thornalley (Natalie Imbruglia, Bryan Adams' and Mel C's producer), New York singer/songwriter and artist Peter Blegvad, LA composer Harold Budd, poet and songwriter Martin Newell, and The Shadow Kabinet.
The album was put together by The Shadow Kabinet's Steve Somerset whose wife has MS. When he discovered that 2003 was the charity's fiftieth anniversary he thought an album to raise funds would be a great idea.
Why 'The Wish List'? Because when Steve started the project, some nine months ago, that's exactly what is was; a piece of paper with the names of some of his favourite songwriters and musicians. After numerous telephone calls, e-mails, faxes and lots of badgering, most of them said yes. Over the next months  tracks from studios all over the country rubbed shoulders with live tracks recorded in California, New York and Camden Town. The Wish List has eight tracks which are exclusive. The Dukes of Stratosphear, aka XTC, reformed, donned their paisley shirts and recorded together for the first time in 14 years.
"There was definitely a little bit of magic going on as we put the album together," says Steve. "None of the artists were aware what the others were doing but when you hear the tracks together they really complement each other.
It's a really strong album."

Fuzzy Warbles #3
Fuzzy Warbles #4
  Ape House

Abbiamo sognato per anni, noi malati di XTC, che Andy Partridge aprisse i suoi archivi e a ogni stella cadente abbiamo legato il desiderio di uno di questi demos. Dev'essere caduto il cielo. Da quando è libero dai ceppi Virgin, il signor Andy non fa che inondarci di quel materiale nelle più diverse forme. Si può fermare la piena, si può invocare, come dicono a Milano, "parola torna indietro"? Non si può...      (continua)

Francesco Carbonara news

Completate le traduzioni dei testi dei Dukes of Stratosphear
con l'inserimento di "Bike Ride To The Moon" e "My Love Explodes".

Andy Partridge ha annunciato che pubblicherà il 23 Giugno, con la sua etichetta Ape House, i due prossimi volumi della serie "Fuzzy Warbles" degli XTC... Si tratta di compilation di rarità e outtakes, come già accaduto per i primi due volumi... Ma la notizia piu' interessante è che Partridge ha collaborato con PETER BELGVAD [sic] per un album in uscita questo mese e che ha come soggetto una moderna reinterpretazione del mito di Orfeo ed è titolato, per l'appunto, "Orpheus, The Lowdown".

da Blow UP n° 61 Giugno 2003

Andrea Tabacco's news

Il biglietto del concerto degli XTC al Teatro Massimo di Genova, 16 Marzo 1982.

Grazie a Marco Odino

15 Aug - Ten Feet Tall is updated!

Rumore n. 138/139 - Luglio/Agosto 2003


XTCalendar 2003





da Rockerilla n. 266 di ottobre 2002:

"Gli XTC di Andy Partridge e Colin Moulding sono attualmente in studio per registrare il loro nuovo album, provvisoriamente intitolato "Tunes To Help You Breathe More Easily". Il disco seguirà l'eccellente "Apple venus Vol. 1" del 1999 e conterrà una manciata di bizzarre canzoni psycho-pop, tra cui "My Heart Is A Compass", "Oh My Britannia", "Say It" e "Whispered Hymn".

Interessante no? Peccato si siano dimenticati di AV 2 e CoMC... mah!
Bye Ivan

> win a copy of the Coat of Many Cupboards box-set.

Thanks to Daniel Garrett

first 10 albums remasteredThe Raft.com
All albums remastered!

Disponibili i primi 10 album (+ Dukes) rimasterizzati con bonus tracks. Riproduzione delle cover originali (in cartoncino l'edizione giapponese con la label identica a quella del LP). Virgin 2000.

created by Gianluca Munari

"I dischi da portare sull'isola deserta"

L'ultimo numero di Blow Up (febbraio 2002 - copertina: Lambchop) contiene, come tutti i mesi, la rubrica "desert island records",
Questo mese ospita le scelte di Andy Patridge.

Paolo Barbieri news

10ft.it ha collaborato con:
La meravigliosa storia degli XTC
di Silvia Boschero
Tutti i giorni ore 18,40, fino a venerdì 23/2/02 - Radio Citta' Futura - Roma, 97,7 Mhz - listen live su internet


Just wanted to let you know about the article we have about XTC and The
Little Express up on our website...


Feel free to link to it. :)


Noel Dix


XTCalendar 2002






Little Lighthouse, l'importante sito di Mark Strijbos, ha chiuso. 

Buona fortuna all'amico Mark.


Remember XTC? They're Back!

Ian Cooper has been busy remastering all 10 XTC albums at Metropolis. The series will be released on May 28th 2001. The albums testify to a legacy of highly original British pop which XTC cultivated from their early punk/new wave roots to create angular yet melodic pop lead by distinctive jagged riffs with lyrics to match. Each new project marked a progression which spawned classic hits such as 'Making Plans for Nigel' (Drums And Wires), 'Generals And Majors' (Black Sea), 'Senses Working Overtime' (English Settlement) to critically acclaimed albums such as the pastoral Skylarking.

The Albums :
White Music (1977) *** Go 2 (1978) *** Drums And Wires (1979) *** Black Sea (1980) ***English Settlement (1982) *** Mummer *** (1983) The Big Express (1984) *** Skylarking (1986) *** Oranges & Lemons (1989) *** Nonsuch (1992)

All the albums' booklets will feature recently revamped artwork drawn from the original vinyl sleeves. Each CD contains the same tracks as the original CDs although some track orders have been changed to ensure the original vinyl tracklistings precede any bonus tracks.

All ten remastered albums will be available at mid-price, and collectors should also look out for the earlier release date of the first five XTC albums on Special Edition Japanese Import on 9th April and the latter five on 14th May.

Luca News


Gli Home-Demo di Wasp Star. Gia' disponibile in rete!

da Chalkhills Digest volume # 7/21- Andy Miller scrive:

Homegrown is released in the UK on May 7th, on Idea, via Vital distribution. 
XTC launch their own website at the same time, at
www.xtcidearecords.co.uk (nothing there yet) 

Track listing for Homegrown is as follows: 

1.. Playground 
2.. Stupidly Happy 
3.. In Another Life (excerpt of original demo) 
4.. In Another Life (Jug band version) 
5.. Some Lovely 
6.. Boarded Up 
7.. I'm the Man Who Murdered Love (early other song cassette) 
8.. I'm the Man Who Murdered Love (Tamla demo excerpt) 
9.. I'm the Man Who Murdered Love 
10.. We're All Light (early cassette idea) 
11.. We're All Light 
12.. Standing In For Joe (Lounge version) 
13.. Standing In For Joe 
14.. Wounded Horse 
15.. You and the Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful 
16.. Lie for a Lie (cassette demo) 
17.. Church Of Women 
18.. The Pot Won't Hold Our Love (early cassette idea) 
19.. Everything Decays (early cassette idea) 
20.. The Wheel and the Maypole 

Infuriatingly, the Japanese version adds Didn't Hurt A Bit and Bumper Cars - the only place you'll be able to find the latter (officially at least). 

Incidentally, those of you slagging off Dying and Bungalow might like to take a long hard look at The Smartest Monkeys and The World Is Full Of Angry Young Men. The former are two of Colin's - nay, XTC's - finest songs. The latter are crap. Hope this clears up any confusion. 

All best 



Prossimamente la ristampa rimasterizzata dei primi dieci album, a medio prezzo.

XTC, Apples Frontmen Unite
Andy Partridge and Robert Schneider writing songs together over phone


The Little Lighthouse

Hi, I'm making a free form radio show at KLSU. The title is The Little Lighthouse, and it is also available on the Internet. If you like XTC, I'm sure you'll like my show too. Note, the name for the show is from a Dukes of Stratosphear song. Please, check it out. www.math.lsu.edu/~zabic/lighthouse If you liked the show, subscribe to our mailng list, you'll find a little box to put your address in on the front page.

Stanislav Zabic

XTC Wasp Star
di Andrea Degidi

Gli Xtc sono una cult band: pochi fan (ma non pochissimi), e una sterminata singhiozzante produzione discografica.

Il Resto del Carlino

XTC: Il gatto e la volpe
di Valerio Corzani

Le salaci confessioni di una coppia di geniacci del pop.


A tu per tu con Andy Partridge, il genio di Swindon...

Rockol intervista Andy Partridge:


Lucio Cadeddu, Michele Chisena e Pier Luigi Zanzi ci parlano di Wasp Star. Su "Music On TNT":





Hi there-
I just wanted to let you know that we had XTC here in our studios last May. Soundbreak.com is a dynamic music based website with live, 24-hour global webcasts hosted by professional DJs. I thought that you and your readers might be interested in checking the interview out. You have a very comprehensive site, but I didnt see this interview anywhere. Here is a direct link to our "Sweetspot" ( Archives of Performances and Interviews):
Hope you all can stop by~

Thanks Leila

Nell'ultimo film con Jim Carrey "Io, me e Irene" ci sono gli immancabili Xtatici. La scena è appena all'inizio. Il poliziotto protagonista, tranquillo e serafico, si avvia verso il negozio di un barbiere. Per sottolineare il quadretto il regista ha scelto "I'd like that".
Ho detto immancabili perché mi pare di ricordare che in altre due pellicole con Carrey (uno dei migliori attori Usa in circolazione secondo me) ci sono pezzi degli swindoniani (se non sbaglio uno è The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead).
Credo che non sia casuale, se non altro per appartenenza generazionale dell'attore.

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Howdy y'all

My XTC video webpage is moving this week -- please update your links!


Ian C Stewart


XTC website di Paolo Comotti


XTC in Rome

TO BE KING FOR A DAY una giornata con gli XTC

  • di Alberto M. Castagna

our site, NoneForYouDear


has just put up a new review of XTC's "Wasp Star", by Mike Keneally. (Keneally was Frank Zappa's guitarist and is a solo artist with several records & tours to his credit - he's also known the guys in XTC for years). I thought you might be interested in checking it out. If there's any way to get linked up on your site too, that would be extremely good. I think fans would dig checking it out.

Thanks! great site, by the way

Rich Pike

XTC in Rome

"La nostra più grande fortuna? Non aver avuto successo" - A. Partridge
di Silvia Boschero - Mauro Zanda del 12 Giugno 2000


Supersonic - l'intervista agli XTC

  • (Supersonic News)

XTC in Rome
7 Giugno 2000

XTC in CHAT ore 16.30 sul sito KWmusica

Link per vedere "La Convention" di A.M.Castagna + gli streaming di Stupidly Happy e I'm the Man Who Murdered Love

Sonicnet.com Listening Room 
Tuesday, May 30 - Tuesday, June 6


Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding paced the rise of alternative music with songs like "Dear God" and "Mayor of Simpleton." For over 25 years, XTC, has been creating uniquely uncategorizable pop music. Their newest release, Wasp Star: Apple Venus Volume 2 is a true XTC record -- bright as sunshine and crisp as rain with a wide rangeof textures. Top to bottom this is a pop masterpiece that will stagger fans and signal the return of XTC. 
The sonicnet.com com Listening Room features Andy and Colin's thoughts on the new release as well full tracks from the CD.

Lettera aperta a Riccardo Bertoncelli

Alcune divergenze tra Bertoncelli e me

di A.M. Castagna

kwmusica  - La stella degli XTC (alcune divergenze fra il signor Partridge e me) di Riccardo Bertoncelli

A scuola di chitarra dal Prof. Partridge.
Imperdibile!  Su

Andate un po' a vedere la maglia del portiere del Marocco (almeno credo...)


(Franz news)

Wasp Star - Recensione di Roberto Brunelli sul sito SUPERSONIC

(Antonio Signorini news)

Il cortometraggio “La convention” di Alberto M. Castagna, dedicato agli XTC, verrà presentato in anteprima al Festival Arcipelago di Roma martedì 6 giugno alle ore 18.30 nella sala 4 del Cinema Quattro Fontane.
“La convention” ricostruisce, con toni umoristici, la storia della Prima Convention Italiana dei fans degli XTC, tenutasi a casa dell’autore tre anni fa.

THE CORK IS OUT people! The latest interview with XTC Wasp Star.

Check out this exclusive interview with XTC's Andy Partridge just click on the link below! 

an interview with XTC's Andy Partridge 

(thanks to Bob Gilmartin)

Qui e' possibile ascoltare "I'm the Man Who Murdered Love" (primo single e videoclip del prossimo album Wasp Star):
Cliccare sulla sezione "New Music First on Q101" e successivamente su "New Music First on Q101 (world premieres)".
Buon ascolto!
(Tyler Hewitt's news)

11 Different Animals - XTC songbook

Biografia, discografia, foto, notizie e gli spartiti musicali di:


Interamente riportato su Little Lighthouse!

Alberto M. Castagna ha concluso la lavorazione di un cortometraggio dal titolo “La Convention”, che è un omaggio alla musica e ai dischi degli XTC.
Giornalista di professione, musicista e videomaker per hobby, Alberto M. Castagna si è ispirato, per il suo cortometraggio, alla riunione di cui fu protagonista tre anni fa, quando insieme ad altri tre giovani fans degli XTC passo' un intero weekend ad ascoltare dischi e a commentare le canzoni del gruppo. “La convention”, prodotto dalla Mediateca Roma, verrà presentato in anteprima al Festival Arcipelago al Cinema Quattro Fontane di Roma all’inizio di giugno prossimo.

Serve un cappellino?

The Little Express, il Fan Club Ufficiale del Nord America degli XTC, ha chiuso definitivamente i battenti. Varie le ragioni tra cui l'avvento di internet (per l'immediatezza e la facile reperibilita' di notizie) e l'uscita dalla band di Dave Gregory principale "informatore" del prezioso bollettino. Grazie a quanti gli hanno dato vita durante questi lunghi anni.

In the City segnala "Ten Feet Tall" tra i siti della settimana. Grazie.

Online XTC Radio
by Ian Stewart

TOTOTITOLO/new album
"Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2)" pare avere maggiori possibilita' rispetto a "Our Shiny Heart" e "Dog Vomit".
E l'uscita sembra rinviata al 23 di Maggio...

LIVE IN ITALY - download il concerto di Genova dell'82 (mp3): http://www.underworld.net/kevin/xtc/

Stanotte non avevo sognato...il nuovo spot della "Lupo" ha come jingle "Frivolous Tonight" degli XTC.
(Ivan Carboni news)

6 Marzo - da Ale Sordi la news di Mitch Friedman tratta dal "Chalkhills Digest":

Soggetto: AV2 (o qualche altra cosa) News

a masterizzazione (la terza e ultima) sarà terminata questa settimana. Bob Ludwig (addetto alla masterizzazione) ama l'album. Nelle prossime settimane verranno inviati dei promo-disc alle riviste del settore per un'anteprima, ecc. L'uscita sarebbe a Maggio. TVT ha richiesto che l'album non venga chiamato "Apple Venus Volume 2" (almeno non come titolo principale). Gli XTC non hanno intenzione di trovare il titolo ispirandosi ad un verso del precedente album, questa volta. 
Finora un possibile titolo è "Our Shiny Heart" (il Nostro Cuore Lucente) riferito a una 'sezione ai raggi X di Apple solarizzata' che sarà il motivo della copertina. 

Improbabile che la band partecipi con una canzone* all'album-tributo di McCartney. Il tempo a disposizione è pochissimo per una possibile apparizione (riferita ai Beatles) e i dubbi su come arrangiare il pezzo potrebbero compromettere il progetto stesso.

Martin Newell ha spedito dei demos recenti a Andy. 
Ora ne sapete tanto quanto me! 

* Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

29 Feb - Ale Sordi informa:

Da venerdi' 21 aprile 2000 sara' nei negozi il nuovo, attesissimo album degli Xtc.
dopo "Apple Venus vol. I", considerato anche dalla stampa italiana tra i migliori album del '99, Andy Partridge e Colin Moulding hanno finalmente completato la lavorazione del piu' volte annunciato Volume II (in Inghilterra uscira' il 24).

Stiamo pianificando la presenza a Milano di Partridge e Moulding per la presentazione del nuovo lavoro. Vi informero' tempestivamente su date e appuntamenti.

Delfina Cribiori
Ufficio Stampa S4

AV2 e' stato masterizzato e sembra che un Promo sia pronto entro Febbraio.
(Ale Sordi news)

Su Kataweb Musica un collegamento a Music Maker dove poter scaricare liberamente This is Pop in formato MP3. Sempre su Music Maker e' possibile ascoltare una notevole quantita' di frammenti di brani degli XTC nei formati piu' comuni.
(Antonio Signorini news)

La band americana dei Persons era evidentemente stufa di sentirsi paragonata agli Xtc. A questo link i perche' delle differenze: http://www.geocities.com/notpeople/XTC.htm - Esilarante!
(Grazie a Julian Garr)

XTC themes gli sfondi di Drums & Wires per il tuo computer

A quanto pare la Virgin si appresta a pubblicare una raccolta di inediti, demo e rarità.

L'amico Philippe Blirando ha dato una bella spolverata a iXtc! Dategli un'occhiata: http://www.my-villa.com/

Nel numero di Gennaio di Rumore Pierpaolo Vettori descrive positivamente Homespun.
"Su Homespun dovrebbe esserci la scritta: Silenzio! Genio al lavoro."





a questa url si può comprare la versione doppia giapponese di Homespun.
(Ale Sordi news)

Apple Venus 2
verra' mixato i primi di Gennaio. Sarà realizzato a Rockfield con Nick Davis (come AV1) e poi masterizzato da Bob Ludwig a NYC in Febbraio. L'uscita e' prevista per Aprile.
Due i batteristi: Chuck Szabo's (gia' nel tour di Madonna) e Praire Prince.
Colin asserisce che il suono è molto tirato ed elettrico.
Il disegno della copertina prevede una versione neon/electric della piuma di pavone di AV1.
L'album dovrebbe contenere queste 12 canzoni:

Playground; The Wheel and The Maypole; We're All Light; Wounded Horse; Stupidly Happy; Some Lovely (My Brown Guitar); I'm the Man Who Murdered Love; Church of Women; You and the Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful (all by Andy)  and  Boarded Up; Standing In For Joe; In Another Life (by Colin).

Le vendite di AV1:
100.000 negli U.S.A., 75.000 in Giappone, 36.000 in U.K. e circa 15.000 in Italia.

(Notizia, tratta dalla Mailing List di Chalkhills, di Mitch Friedman da un colloquio con Colin Moulding)

Se vi capita di andare a zonzo nella rete, vi segnalo In The City. Nella sezione dedicata ai The Best Albums of all times, compilata dai redattori stessi, troverete Drums&Wires al 14mo posto. Questo basta per renderlo simpatico.

Dicembre 99
A proposito di Homespun, brevemente recensito da Riccardo Bertoncelli su "Musica" di Repubblica del 2 Dicembre 99:
"...e siccome, per dirla da cattivi, Apple Venus vol. 1 era un disco noiosetto, le bozze di quest'opera sono noiose anch'esse".
Chi ha seguito Bertoncelli lungo il corso di questi ultimi 30 anni di storia del Rock (personalmente custodisco gelosamente "La coscienza di Gong", una cassetta promozionale allegata al n. 2 di "GONG" del nov. 1974, dove Bertoncelli si esibisce in alcune geniali micro-recensioni di astri emergenti e mostri sacri della musica del tempo), conosce il suo attaccamento agli XTC. E' sufficiente leggere l'introduzione al volume "XTC testi con traduzione a fronte" di Paolo Bertando. Semplicemente ritiene che AV1, pur non essendo un brutto disco, sia eccessivamente "seduto".

Questa è proprio bella:
"Avevo 17 anni quando da Amsterdam è arrivato un mio amico con una pastiglia marroncina. Piccolissima, con scritto sopra xtc. Allora non sapevo cosa volesse dire. Adesso sì, vuol dire ecstasy...C'è anche un gruppo musicale che si chiama così, gli Xtc: sono quelli che cantano Living in another Cube. Il testo della loro hit è "stiamo vivendo un'altra Cuba, siamo nel mezzo della Baia dei Porci...". Un gruppo americano. E infatti l'ecstasy è americana".
(L'ESPRESSO, 18/11/99, pag. 82) Grazie a Raffaele Barela per la segnalazione.

Novembre 99 - Referendum 'Musica e Dischi': ecco la lista completa dei vincitori
Doppio successo di Tom Waits nel tradizionale referendum indetto dal mensile "Musica e Dischi" tra i maggiori critici musicali nazionali, giunto quest'anno alla ventesima edizione. L'ultimo CD del cantautore californiano, "Mule Variations" (Epitaph) si è aggiudicato con largo margine il primo posto nella categoria riservata agli album pop-rock di produzione internazionale, precedendo "Californication" dei Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Hours…" di David Bowie, "Apple Venus vol. 1" degli XTC e "Dead Bees On A Cake" di David Sylvian.(
Yahoo Italia Notizie)

Ottobre 99 - Quasi la metà di Apple Venus Vol. 2 è stata completata definitivamente. Tra gli strumenti, la batteria avrebbe un ruolo di primo piano.

Maggio 99 - gli Xtc tornano in studio per la registrazione di Apple Venus 2 che dovrebbe vedere la luce non prima di Febbraio 2000. Grazie per la notizia a Roberto Moroni che ha incontrato personalmente Andy Partridge in quel di Milano in occasione delle interviste a Radio Popolare e Suoni e Ultrasuoni (Radio 2).




Swindon - lo studio è stato ricavato da un allargamento del garage nella fattoria di Colin Moulding.

Voci: a quanto pare AV2 si presta ad essere suonato dal vivo. Infatti Andy Partridge sembra interessato all'acquisto di un grosso camion per alcune possibili esibizioni live gratuite. In alcune città già designate, suonerebbero dalla parte posteriore del camion ed il concerto sarebbe trasmesso simultaneamente dalle radio locali.




  White Music (1978)



  Go 2 (1978)



  Drums and Wires (1979)



  Black Sea (1980)



  English Settlement (1982)



  Mummer (1983)



  The Big Express (1984)



  Skylarking (1986)



  Oranges and Lemons (1989)



  Nonsuch (1992)



  Apple Venus (1999)



  Wasp Star (2000)